Yours, Mine, and Ours

This week, the White House came out with a list of proposed budget measures it would like to take.  Among those are cuts or eliminations of dozens of programs.

People lost their minds.

This is because people are greedy.

This is because people are people.

Let me take a step back.

John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau taught that mankind was good by nature, and that it was civilization which makes him evil.

Theologically, this is troubling to Christians, who see our broken nature as a consequence of the actions of our first parents.  This stain in inherent to us as people; it’s part of our genetic and spiritual code.

But, theology has a funny way of revealing itself in the non-theological, as well.

Jails do not fix people.  Schools do not perfect people.  Throwing kids onto a desert island doesn’t make them angels.

These are demonstrably false ideas, preached by progressives since the early 1800’s.  They are immune to criticism, however, on theological grounds.

The theology of progressivism is the perfection of man through government, its prayer is money.  If the prayers have not been answered, it’s because we’re not praying hard enough.  Thus, it’s immune to all criticism, since its solution–total control of the lives of the populace by the government–has never “really” been tried.

[Right?  This is how arguments go with progressives?  “Oh, you can’t say Head Start hasn’t worked–it hasn’t ever been fully funded,” “You can’t say communism doesn’t work, it’s never really been tried,” etc.]

And so progressives want everything, they want you to love government with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul.  There is no option between the State and Mammon.

But I digress.

People are inherently flawed, which is why we are greedy.  Some of us are honest about it and work against our nature to higher purpose.  As they say, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

Others don’t.  Others are caught up in “Immagoodpersonism”, which states that if you want the correct things (i.e. peace on earth and food for the poor), then your actions or inactions are immune from criticism.

For example: “I want people to be healthy” doesn’t have to be supported by actual programs or initiatives that produce health.  As long as those are the goals, the results are irrelevant.  “I care about poor women and children” can include the support of agents explicitly devoted to killing the poor children of poor women.

And of course: “I want Sesame Street” can justify “I want you to give me as much of your money as I want.”

Which is, of course, the essence of greed.  You want something, you covet someone with the means of having that something, which leads you to steal those means.

But progressivism inoculates itself against charges of greed through Immagoodpersonism.  It can’t be considered greed if it’s “for the children.”

Nobody is trying to outlaw Big Bird.  Illegalization and unwillingness to pay for something are not the same thing.  If you want to drink, go ahead, don’t expect me to pay for it.