In principio

I’ve spent my adult life in jobs (teaching, Federal government) where it would be not so good for me to posit opinions that might eventually lead to my getting fired, because then my wife and Chihuahua would starve to death. So, instead of endangering my beloved dog and wife, I’m putting up my ideas here, anonymously.

Regarding the title for the site, “Granola Republican.”

I’ve been a conservative since I was a wee tot listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio.  I once wrote into the kids section of my local newspaper a list of “Ten Ideas” that were mostly talking points for the right. (It generated a firestorm of opposition, apparently hundreds of other kids wrote in furious at my ideas; I had one supporter.)

But I was also a Boy Scout and Heinlein/Rand aficionado, which means I turned out somewhere in the Libertarian-sphere.  At the same time, I grew up in a very racially diverse city and subdivision, and then went to liberal arts college, which means I’m comfortable around minorities and peasant skirts.

I’m the antithesis of David Spade’s Young Republican in PCU, long-haired, bearded, conservationisty (ask me about my Solar Panels!).  I like hikes, nature, and am comfortable with quinoa.

I’m not generally comfortable with Confederate Flags, Donald-Trumpism, or Labor Unions.  On Facebook, I have way more liberal friends than I do conservatives (even though I know that I’m the token conservative in a lot of my friends’ friends’ lists).

I think I’d be more comfortable calling myself a Libertarian if the Libertarian Party didn’t seem so morally apathetic to social connections and traditions, and I’d be more comfortable calling myself a mainstream Republican if I thought that illegal immigrants were the Great Satan.

As cliché as it always sounds, I think it’s tough for people to accurately label themselves politically (I’m a liberal arts grad, so when I say things are “social constructs” I mean it), and I have a hard time labelling myself politically.  I don’t always vote, but when I do, it’s generally been Republican.

Anyway, I like eating granola.  My Eagle Scout project involved collecting and recycling cans.  I like foreign foods and foreign languages and foreign movies.  I like camping and swimming and am happy that we have state and National forests for me to tromp around in.  I think tend to think that people are good, with flashes of evil, and not evil, with flashes of good.

Thanks for stopping by.



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